Grace ofure founded Lifecard coinvest which offers real estate investment training and provides individuals or a group of people the opportunity to commit available capital to reach a collective goal. From inception in 2020 investors from 25 countries that cut across 4 continents in the world, invested the sum of 5 million dollars in a co-investment opportunity that yielded them over a 100% return.

Investing in real estate offers inflation protection as well as portfolio diversification benefit of owning a physical asset. Real estate is a tangible asset that can be monetized. Recognizing that profitable real estate investment requires huge capital, Lifecard co-invest gives a leverage for investors to pull funds together for real estate investment.

Grace Ofure with her vast experiential knowledge created this platform to enable everyone interested in real estate investment have equal opportunities at different levels.

Lifecard co-invest in 2022 is embarking on various projects around the world with the intention of giving more investors diverse real estate Investment opportunities. Lifecard co-invest members have this to say on their co-investment journey so far…..