Grace Ofure is currently mentoring 100 people directly, and over 500 people occasionally. In these classes, she guides them on goal setting and achieving ones goal. She shows the mentees practical steps to achieve their targets. Understanding that leveraging is a major ingredient to thriving, the mentees are also exposed to teachings on the power of leveraging, encouraged to thrive with existing structures for a start and collaborate with others to achieve what they desire.

"I learnt a lot on from the mentorship class, one thing i learnt was leveraging which I also applied in my current business and it’s works, thank you so much ma for this life time opportunity, I won’t trade it for anything, I look forward to the next class"

Egbogu Bethel

"It is an honor to be mentored by such a visionary business leader with so much energy and passion that will push you to be much more."

Amaka Nkem